Ground for Establishment

School of Foreign Languages was established to provide students of Ankara University with foreign language education & teaching at contemporary level.


School of Foreign Languages was established upon Council of Ministers decision dated 26/01/2002 no: 2002/3651 and has been providing approximately 18,000 students from all faculties and schools of Ankara University, including preparatory school, with foreign language education at contemporary level by law no: 2547 clause: 5/i.

Foreign language education & teaching services were given by Ankara University, Department of School of Foreign Languages and Foreign Languages Preparatory School Coordinatorship until the establishment date of School of Foreign Languages. After the establishment of School of Foreign Languages, more intensive courses at more contemporary level have been given in preparatory classes of School of Foreign Languages.

As a result, School of Foreign Languages has been providing compulsory “Basic Foreign Language Courses”, “Advanced Foreign Language Courses” in undergraduate programs of Faculties/Schools/Conservatory and “Professional Foreign Language Courses” as well as preparatory education by law no: 2547 clause: 5/i.

Education and Teaching at School of Foreign Languages

School of Foreign Languages provides foreign language education & teaching programs of Ankara University.

The main aim of foreign language education & teaching is to train students who have gained foreign language competencies and been able to adapt themselves with the modern world, to keep up-to-date with scientific literature and to communicate in cultural and social life, within Common European Framework for Languages.

School of Foreign Languages provides preparatory courses and basic undergraduate foreign language courses. Basic undergraduate foreign language courses at Faculties/Schools are provided in English, German and French, in level-based groups.

The following languages are taught at preparatory school:

  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Italian

  • Spanish

Length of education & teaching at preparatory school is one academic year. At the end of this period, those who have successfully completed the program are given a Certificate of Achievement.

For new students, Selective Preparatory Courses are provided at their own request on space-available basis.

Preparatory school foreign language education & teaching program is carried out in classes created as a result of student English levels.

All the classrooms at School of Foreign Languages Preparatory School are equipped with the following:

  • A projection device

  • A DVDplayer

  • A sound system

  • A laptop computer

  • Internet access

Facilities of School of Foreign Languages which support foreign language teaching at preparatory school:

  • Computer Laboratories

Foreign Language Teaching Programs, Samples of International Exams

  • Student Access Centre

Books, magazines, audio-visual materials for language learning and Internet Access

  • Cinema Hall

Weekly Foreign Movie Screening

  • Smart Classroom

Web based English teaching system and multimedia language learning environment

Academic Units of School of Foreign Languages which support education-teaching activities:

  • Curriculum Development Unit

  • Material Development Unit

  • Testing & Evaluation Unit

  • Professional Development Unit

Social and Cultural Activities & Services:

  • DramaClub

  • Speaking Club

  • Photography Club

  • Dance Club

  • Orienteering Club

  • Chess Club

  • Student Guidance & Counseling Service

Other Student Facilities:

  • Leisure Centre

  • Medical Room

  • Table Tennis Hall

  • School Canteen

  • Cafeteria

  • Photocopy Centre