Guidance and Psychological Counselling

Our Unit of Guidance and Psychological Counselling presents preventive services to help students realise their personal, emotional, social, educational and vocational development successfully.

Our Unit of Guidance and Psychological Counselling aims to support students’ personal development, contribute to their mental, emotional and behavioural development, support them for acquiring knowledge and skills necessary for the resolution of academic, social and personal problems, improve their skills for problem solving as well as coping with stress, and hence to improve their life quality.

Secrecy is the basic principle in the Unit of Guidance and Psychological Counselling. Information about the applicant cannot be shared with any individual or institution (without the applicant’s consent). Information about the student can only be shared in case of life jeopardy or when another personis likely to get exposed to a danger. Even under these circumstances, communication with the student is provided before giving information to someone else.

All applicants, regardless of their individual differences, are shown the same respect and sensitivity.

Unit Manager:


Contact: School of Foreign Languages

Moreover, a senior psychologist at Health, Culture and Sports Department provides individual counselling service to all students about making adaptation to university life easier, improving skills to cope with problems that could be met, exam anxiety, depression and problems related to affairs.

Senior Psychologist:

Sn. Psych: Halil ŞENELMİŞ

Health, Culture and Sports Department

Golbasi Campus

Phone: +90 312 362 97 20/7650