About Undergraduate Foreign Language Teaching Programs

Students entitled to attend faculties/schools of Ankara University without compulsory preparatory programs are obliged to choose one of the language courses in English, German or French during registration, which is stipulated by Ankara University, Regulation for Vocational and Undergraduate Degree. The chosen language could be different from or the same as the one studied before during the previous educational periods. Students are placed into levels according to their Placement Test Scores and the related courses are completed in four consecutive semesters. Total number of courses taken over four semesters is 224 hours at faculties and 112 hours at schools. At least four hours a week are provided in each semester. These theoretical and practical courses bring 4 credits per semester. Total number of credits over four semesters is 16. These courses are coded FL 101 (first semester), FL 102 (second semester), FL 201 (third semester) and FL 202 (fourth semester). Achievement score is 70 out of 100.

Students who would like to be directly exempted from compulsory foreign language courses coded FL101-FL102, FL 201-FL202, which are taught by law no:2547 clause 5/i are given exemption from the above mentioned compulsory foreign language courses on the condition that they pass Placement Test given at the beginning of every academic year with a total score of 70 and above or submit a certificate of achievement for the national or international exams defined by Ankara University, Regulation for Vocational and Undergraduate Degree clause: 10/6.

At least ten students are needed to start a foreign language course at faculties/schools. If the number of students is lower than ten, students might take other available foreign language courses, attend the chosen course at another department of the faculty or at another faculty of Ankara University.


Undergraduate Degree Program

Contemporary language teaching methods and techniques are employed in foreign language classes in order to develop students’ reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. Audio-visual materials such as computers, DVD players, projection devices, sound systems and overhead projectors are used during class activities. Individual and group presentations and language knowledge development through recommended research are also attached importance.

Those who have successfully completed preparatory programs or been exempted from preparatory school with a sufficient Placement Test Score can take Professional Foreign Language courses. Professional Foreign Language courses are scheduled according to study field of each faculty or school. Students are provided with necessary language education in order to make them enable to use their knowledge of foreign languages and keep up to date with field related publications in their career.

Education & Teaching plans and curricula are developed by School of Foreign Languages in coordination with faculty/school administrations and foreign language course coordinators.


Undergraduate Foreign Language Exams

Ankara University, Regulation for Vocational and Undergraduate Degree is applied in foreign language exams and evaluation. At least one mid-term exam and an end of semester exam are given each semester on the dates assigned in the academic calendar. Achievement Score is 70 out of 100. Students can take the course coded FL 102 even if they fail FL 101, but are not allowed to take FL 201-202 courses unless they pass both courses (FL 101-FL 102). Two-year-schools do not introduce such a restriction. Professional Foreign Language Courses cannot be taken until students pass courses coded FL 201-202.