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24-25 January, 2019 Fall Proficiency Exam Results

by İsmail Karagülle

Following link includes the results of 24-25 January, 2019 Proficiency Exam. Those who have been successful in the exam are to complete their interactive registration to their faculties according to the registration dates. The results of the exam will be sent to the faculties as well, so students do not need to take any documents […]

24-25 Ocak 2019 Fall Proficiency Exam Announcement

by İsmail Karagülle

24-25 January 2019 FALL PROFICIENCY EXAM will be administered in three sessions: 24.01.2019 Thursday 10.00 a.m. *1st Session – Oral Exam (20 pts.) (10 minutes for each student on the list) 25.01.2019 Friday *2nd Session – 10.00 – 11.30 Use of English & Writing (35 pts.) : One Word Cloze (10 pts.) Word Formation (5 […]


by İsmail Karagülle

Following is the new list of classes in Fall 2 term. Students whose classes have been changed will continue their preparatory class education in their new classes as of 03 December, 2018. 2018-2019 NEW CLASS LIST-FALL 2

The Results of the 7-8 November Proficiency Exam

by İsmail Karagülle

The list of students who are exempt from Preparatory Program depending on their 07-08 November 2018 Proficiency Exam grades is listed here. These students can choose their courses for their undergraduate studies. 07-08 2018 Düzey Belirleme Sınavı Sonucu- The Result of the 7-8 November Proficiency Exam   The Preparatory class registrations of those who are […]