The level of those students who failed the Proficiency Exam conducted on October 17-18 are shown in the list below.

School registration will take place on October 23, 2019 in the Student Affairs Office at SFL. Class attendance will start on the same day. The absenteesim limit is 10 class hours in the first fall quarter (until November 15, 2019).

We should also note that the students are entitled to start their classes in the second fall quarter (November 25, 2019) if they wish since the first term started in September 16 and the First Progress Exam and the Mini-spoken Exam were already conducted. Those who wish to choose this option and have been placed in the L1 courses as a result of the Proficiency Exam have to attend the L1 Repeat classes in the following quarter.

**Those who failed the Philology Proficiency Exam can finish student registration on October 23, 2019 at the Student Affairs, Ankara University School of Foreign Languages and start their classes on the same day. Class attendance will also start on the same day. The absenteeism limit is 40 class hours until the end of the fall term for these students.


October 17-18, 2019-Proficiency Results (Additional Quota)