The list of students who are exempt from Preparatory Program depending on their 07-08 November 2018 Proficiency Exam grades is listed here. These students can choose their courses for their undergraduate studies.

07-08 2018 Düzey Belirleme Sınavı Sonucu- The Result of the 7-8 November Proficiency Exam


The Preparatory class registrations of those who are not exempt from Preparatory Program have been made. The classes will start in the second quarter on November 26, 2018 and the list of students and their levels with classes will be announced here between the dates of November 19-23.


The Philology student, Farnoosh REZAIE (18011585), who is not exempt from Preparatory Program, will start his Prep. Class on November 12, 2018. The aforementioned student needs to get in touch with the Student Services at the School of Foreign Languages on November 09, 2018 (tomorrow).